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Mangry - Redefining Men's Anger

If you're into conversations about retro-pop culture, relationships, work-life, parenting, mindless trivia and a whole lot of silly humor, this podcast is for you. Oh wait, there's one hitch...there's also some conversations related to men's anger injected into the mix...why else would it be called Mangry?!

The goal on Mangry™ is to plant seeds about anger awareness, thus gently promoting change through insightful questions, relatable experiences, humor and introspection.

The mancave will never be the same!

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Feb 24, 2019

Join host Jason Lee discuss what the pressures of being a dad means to guest Alex Leung. With two young boys and a full time job, Alex describes the expectations he has on himself to be the best role model for them. He shares about his challenges with anger, anxiety and panic attacks and provides tips on what he does...

Feb 22, 2019

Have you ever been cut off by another driver?

Have you ever cursed or expressed anger towards someone else while driving?

Join host Jason Lee as he interviews and debates with Randy Lee about his experiences with anger on the road. Where's the line drawn between aggressive driving and road rage?

If you're into...