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Mangry - Redefining Men's Anger

If you're into conversations about retro-pop culture, relationships, work-life, parenting, mindless trivia and a whole lot of silly humor, this podcast is for you. Oh wait, there's one hitch...there's also some conversations related to men's anger injected into the mix...why else would it be called Mangry?!

The goal on Mangry™ is to plant seeds about anger awareness, thus gently promoting change through insightful questions, relatable experiences, humor and introspection.

The mancave will never be the same!

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Mar 16, 2019

In this fun-filled interview, Host Jason Lee speaks with the host of the Healing Place Podcast, Teri Wellbrock who shares her thoughts on the art of being patient. Teri is also the author of the book Unicorn Shadows as well as a speaker on trauma. Visit to learn more.

If you're into retro-pop...

Mar 14, 2019

Host Jason Lee interviews singer/songwriter, author, painter and speaker Joyelle Brandt who explains how PTSD can be a trigger for anger and how to manage through some of the experiences. But there's more than meet the eye with Joyelle - she's also a huge fan of Comicons and Choose Your Own Adventure books...

Mar 12, 2019

Host Jason Lee interviews Mr Rene Tanaja to get his thoughts on what an angry person truly wants. What can you do to defuse a person who's angry? What's Rene's greatest fear? And what is the connection between Bob Ross and anger?

If you're into fun geeky retro-pop references, relationship topics, work-life, parenting,...

Mar 3, 2019

Raised in Indiana by a traditional Sicilian upbringing, Self Achievement Network's Domenic Certa shares his stories growing up in a home rife with anger and abuse. He finds his own success in remarkable ways that transforms him to become a presence on social media around the world.

If you're into conversations about...

Feb 24, 2019

Join host Jason Lee discuss what the pressures of being a dad means to guest Alex Leung. With two young boys and a full time job, Alex describes the expectations he has on himself to be the best role model for them. He shares about his challenges with anger, anxiety and panic attacks and provides tips on what he does...